Please write a few lines of gratitude



Appreciation, reward, recognition, respect and love, everybody needs this in life. They are the heart, soul and life of humans. Is anyone among readers, who can say with certainty that these things are materialistic and they can live and survive without these parts? We need appreciation, we respect and we have seen some really, many people can go to any extent to get noticed; get appreciated and get respected. Hosting parties and functions is one such common and mostly used method to show-off to people, get noticed and appreciated.

Ladies are known to use all possible ways, tricks and tantrums to get by, especially those when they buy new dresses and jewelry, to ensure that they get noticed and appreciated. There are many stories revolve around the various villages that show such despair among women and one such story talks about a woman who set her house on fire to show her a diamond ring to people.

It is not that men do not pay attention and they do not make such tantrums or dramas. When they buy a new bike, new car, new house, even a new shirt … they make sure that people take them and appreciate them.

The same applies to respect. Most of the time, and in most places, it is the power of respect. Military and businesses of Old Economy are examples of such “forced extent”. Thanks to our urge to copy Western culture and New Economy companies that now people can handle their senior by first name.

I am not writing this write-up to the case and what people do in their private life, if their behavior is good and acceptable or not. Neither I am trying to compare males and females seeking more attention. I am very much focused and will be discussing such things in the workplace and the role of HR.

The importance of understanding and respect

Gratitude is connected to a incentives. We all know a few words of appreciation can go a long way to encouraging person. Similarly, respect associated with self-pride, more knowledge and experience in business, family and team. But, it is necessary to ask people to thank you and respect you? Do you think that respect or appreciation you will get by asking for it will be true and authentic? Why not earn respect deserves appreciation and face the truth? Let your work; let your personality and not your position to earn respect for you. It reminds me of one of the conversations from one of the famous Hindi Movie, (Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Gam), “Paisa Har koi Kama Leta hai, Izzat Kamana Har Kissi Ke Bas Ki Baat Nahi” (Anyone can earn money while earning respect it is much harder).

I’ve seen people at work, blunt and straight forward to ask for appreciation. They ask their customers, colleagues and subordinates to write appreciatory mail to their bosses and older. The second, which are a bit shy and intelligent, they continue to remind you of the good things they have done; about their achievements; about how they have helped you until you acknowledge it and appreciate it.


Respect can be classified into two – Respect for the position and for the person. I can have a lot of respect for someone who is younger to me and have achieved a lot and is good in his life; man with high integrity and credibility. I could not observe very senior or older person for his arrogance, ignorance and self.

say, it is a person who is a director of the company and he has been placed on the record just for the fact that his father’s debts. He does not know much about the company, have no leadership, unlike the father, he is not visionary; I do not think “workers” His will be able to give him genuine respect. They could be respected position but not a person.

is our community, where we have been taught to respect elders experience and age.

Does not matter if their experience is worth learning from, or they just piled up many years of experience.

Does not matter if their knowledge is still relevant or have become obsolete.

Does not matter if they have self and pride and they have dropped out of school … way back.

In the army, an experienced solider, who have 30 years of experience and has faced two wars are expected to respect and obey older than the young officer of his, who is fighting the first war and is not even aware of border areas.

Respect, should come from the bottom of your heart and should not be just a gesture or word of mouth.


The Bhagwat Gita (one of the most sublime of the scriptures world), it says, “Karam Kiye Well Phal ki Eechi Mat Kar Aie Insaan; jeeisa Karam Karega Weiss Phal deega Bhagwaan” ( work is worship. Do your work sincerely and do not bother about the reward). We all know that proper appreciation of encouragement but the choice of gratitude is also important. Let me explain. During the year you have been assigned to 12 projects and you did very well in each project. You have exceeded expectations and in the process, also benchmark their own performance. You precedent for others to emulate.

boss appreciated you, after each assignment by sending you mail appreciatory, marking copies to all team members. He also announced some incidental bonus for you.

Or, you want to get a lot of appreciation in assessing the persistence, combined with exponentially high growth, with a presentation; The best employee award (mention of the importance and success in front of all workers) with vacation packages. Each one of these will keep you motivated for a long time?

In gratitude, for it to have longevity and efficiency, time appreciation; way of gratitude; platform of gratitude and he who appreciates you are equally important.

You have done a great job; you are happy at work; you are feeling happy … It is good but could be your work is not “exceptional” to get any appreciation; could be that it is not as per the established guidelines; may be you a lot of time or your boss must give you many ways to help you … in this case you will not get any appreciation.

You have achieved something big; you are the seven heavens; you are happy; you want to share your achievements with others … okay. Here you go. But you can ask people to take achievement and thank you for it. I do not think so. For example, I appeared on TV, are some of the channel for a few good things I did in my life or work. I am excited. In the interview, I sat next to Karan Thape. And what? I should not expect others to appreciate my achievements or recognition. I should not “ask” them to acknowledge and thank me. Should I?

The role of HR

HR people are expected to be generous with their appreciation, while respecting other work, especially the young and fresher. In case fresher and employees of other departments, the chain should be like …

Recognizing strive

Thank conclusion or complete the task

celebrate exceptional performance

in the case of HR Professionals and other senior chain should be like …

confirm the result or complete a task.

Thank outstanding achievements

and welcome, such as special exhibitions are repeated again and again over a period of time.

Regarding dignity, in Community … it is advisable to leave the culture and value system of the company but in civilian life that you can choose as you want to respect who you do not want to respect.


asking for gratitude or respect draws power status. You will be like a beggar on the bank of Ganga at Sangam in Uttar Pradesh, the begging for money, if you do not give, it starts with you and irritate you and if you still do not give, and then they judge any ill -wish for you. So, deserves appreciation and respect your work.

These are some of the thoughts and beliefs that I thought of sharing with you. You may agree or disagree. The choice is still yours if you like to ask or earn.

Looking forward to your comments and reactions



Source by Sanjeev Himachali

Best Friendship Quotes explaining to Make Better Friendship


You will have lots of friends. Let me tell you have lots of friends does not matter but have true friends matters a lot. You often read a lot of quotes on friendship but I would like to share some of the best friendship quotes ever.

“Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.” – Samuel Paterson
Books are to know that our best friends. We always be selective when choosing books. We do not read so many books. They are few and well chosen. So while choosing friends, we should also apply the same policy. It is actually a very sensitive decision.

“Friendship needs no words.” – Dag Hammarskjöld
language of friendship is understanding. Friends read faces and each other’s expressions. You do not need to express yourself with the help of words. They are well wishers and you know what you want to say.

“Friends show their love in the time of problems.” – Euripides (408 BC)
Troubles are essentials of life. We face a lot of trouble while still in life. true friends of our support and show their care while going through a tough time. They walk with us.

“Two lives, two hearts join together in friendship united forever in love.” -Anonymous
friends living together and their hearts always need each other. They think of another and continue to add love and affection for their friendship.

“With true friends – even water drunk is sweet enough.” -Chinese proverb
There are lots of memories with friends. Each and every moment is able to remember with friends. They eat and drink together and enjoy life. Every moment is sweet enough with them.

“A good friend is cheaper than therapy .” -Anonymous
Friends take good care of each other. They never let go into any depressions. You continue to laugh with them. Many disease stay away from nature smiling person. So you stay away from doctors. So it is well said that a good friend is cheaper than therapy.

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.” -Woodrow Wilson
The world comes together in a bond of friendship. Nations behave like friends and help each other. So it is the only cement to hold the world together.

So develop your relationship of friendship to live your life better.


Source by Bhawna K

Defining Motivation


Motivation can be defined in various ways. Generally, it is defined as the force that starts and controls the conduct. In other words, motivation is a kind of internal energy that drives a person to do something in order to achieve something. It is temporal or dynamic state within a person who is not concerned with his / her personality. There are different types of incentives, such as performance incentives, organization motivation, fitness motivation, power motivation and attitude motivation.

Motivation is based on three specific parameters such as stimulation of behavior, behavior toward and persistent behavior. Arousal behavior implies that activates human behavior and policy behavior is what directs behavior toward a specific goal. Persistent behavior is concerned with how the behavior persists.

Various studies have been conducted to understand the different motivations that drive a person to succeed. Motives are classified into three: imbalance motives, nonhomeostatic motives, and learned or social motives. Almost all impulses belonging to one or more of these three groups.

motives such as thirst, hunger, breathing, and excretion are imbalances motives. Nonhomeostatic motives are essential activities such as shelter and curiosity about the environment. Curiosity, desire for novelty, power, reach, social cooperation, and acceptance will be deemed learned motives or social motives.

Motivation is essential for success in any endeavor you perform. It can be positive or negative, subtle or obvious, tangible or intangible. It is very important in the workplace as it plays a key role in the successful implementation of staff. In the article, managers play an important role in employee motivation. They use different methods of motivation to improve productivity, thereby promoting cooperation between employees and employers.

Learning is somewhat relative motivation. In education, instructors also use motivation techniques in order to encourage students to learn. It is necessary to increase student motivation and it can make a student more qualified. Also, motivation inspires confidence and problem-solving skills.


Source by Richard Romando

The Top 50 Inspirational Movies


This is my list of movies that inspire me the most. I movieholic and hope you guys find inspiration from this list. Enjoy the show

1. Conduct HAPPYNESS- A rages to riches story of a man who goes for his dreams and wont let his circumstances get in the way

2. Remember The Titans- In 1970 black and white high school are closed down and blacks and whites are mixed. Through all the racial tension a black coach is chosen to head the newly segregated football

3. FOREST GUMP- story of a man with a low IQ who rose above his subjects, and proved that determination, courage, and love are more important than intellectual capacity

4. the Color Purple-Its based on the life and trials and African American woman in the early 1900s

5. Rudy: A big football fan who always had a dream to play for Notre Dame football. He is told that he is too small for the game but he keeps on

6. ALI-Based on the true story of great boxing champion Muhammad Ali

7. Life is beautiful, it is the story funny and carefree Jewish man who uses his comic talent to protect his son from the reality of the Nazi occupation

8. Braveheart William Wallace-history peasant who combines 13th-century Scottish in their struggle to overthrow the rule Enska.

9. ERIN BROKONVICH- the unemployed single mother becomes legal assistant and almost on its own bring down the California power company accused of polluting the water city is.

10. Shawshank REDEMPTION- Two men in prison bond over several years, find they ultimately redemption acts of decency.

11. Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story- About the founder of a street gang in crepes and how in prison he found redemption. On death row, he is able to find redemption

12 HURRICANE- story of talented boxer who is wrongly convicted of murder and his fight for his innocence

13. Billy Elliot- young boy decides to become a ballet dancer, and he gets some resistance from his family. He faces many trials as well triumphs and he keeps changing the established narrow leads his family, internal conflicts and stand on his own feet

14. A Beautiful Mind A life on the rise of John Forbes Nash Jr. . Mathematics genius able to solve problems that baffled the greatest minds. And how he was able to overcame years suffering from schizophrenia to win the Nobel Prize in 1994

15 GANDHI-true story of Mohandas Gandhi prominent Indian leader

16. Chariots Of Fire for athletes competing in the Olympics for their perseverance and victory.

17. Philadelphia is a movie deal with HIV / AIDS and homosexuality and it is focused on homophobic prejudices and two

18. fried GREEN TOMATOES- recollection of the movie where an elderly woman recalls story of two women their trials and tribulations and lifelong friendship

19. RAIN man- selfish man who finds out that his father left his millions of dollars to his older brother that he did not even know existed

20 NOTEBOOK- beautiful love story that lasts for decades

21 TITANIC- movie is set on the ill-fated Titanic ship and the love story that formed on the ship

22 SEA BISCUIT- true story of the undersized Depression era racehorse that overcomes lifted not only the spirits of the team behind it but also those of their nation

23 RAY-True biography of Ray Charles and amazing story of his defeat impossible

24. PAY IT front the miraculous story of how a young boy changes the lives of many through the simple act of charity

25. bucket list-the two old timers who decide to do all the things they have always wanted to do before they die of terminal illness of

26 MILK- the life of Harvey Milk first openly gay man elected to office in America in the 70s. It is on the impact on the gay rights movement. One of the best movies I have ever seen.

27 Coach Carter- A basketball coach in high school works hard to change bad attitudes of their students.

28 radio About shy mentally challenged man who encourages community

29. FREEDOM WRITERS- the teachers who teach the rough center of the city kids who fights to make a difference in students’ lives and put them in a better way

30 NORMA REA- the mill worker in the southern textile company that fights for better working conditions of its employees and herself.

31 calendar ANNE FRANK- Based on the life of Anne Frank hiding from the Nazi invasion of

32. GLORY: History of the first company of black soldiers in the American Civil War

33. LIFE sup- story of a mother with AIDS who overcomes crack addiction becomes an AIDS activist in her community

BABE- 34. A pig is raised by sheep dogs learn how to operate the sheep

35. Whats Love Got to do with it-the amazing biography of the great entertainer Tina Turner and the amazing obstacles that she overcame

36. HOTEL RWANDA- the true life story of a man who protected thousands of Rwanda Rwanda genocide of risk and death

37 JANE- G1 is the first woman to be the Navy SEALs and huge obstacles in its path

38. killing MOCKINGBIRD- Based on racially torn Alabama in 1939 and the hearing of a black man accused of raping a white woman

39. GLORY roadworthiness is based on the true story of the first black basketball line-up for the 1966 NCAA Basketball National title title

40. SARAFINA- the Soweto youth riots against apartheid in South Africa

41 AMISTAD- is about 1839 rebellion slaves on slave ships

42. Slumdog MILLIONAIRE- the story of a slum kid who grows up and plays the Indian version of who wants to be a millionaire

43. AMERICAN hISTORY X A reformed neo-Nazi comes out of prison and tries to stop his younger brother to go the same way he did

44 PIANIST- A pianist tries to survive the Nazi invasion

45. Schindler’s List-Based on the true story of a business man Oscar Schindler to save thousands of Jews from Nazi machine of World War 2

46 BOYS DO NOT CRY- story about the courage to be who you truly are in the midst of terrible opposition

47 CHOCOLAT- mother and daughter who move into narrow conservative French town in 1960 and shake it up

48 MALCOLM X the true life story of Malcolm X influential black human rights activist

49. OLIVER TWIST- Based on Charles Dickens film about a young orphan boy and he finds trouble when he tries to survive in the harsh world of

50. JESSE OWENS STORY- the true story of Jesse Owens, the African American athlete who proved Hitler wrong about Aryan physical superiority

I love these films. If you have not seen some of them check them out you have nothing to lose. To your life!


Source by Wadzanai Nenzou

Motivation Theory


The word motivation is coined from the Latin word “movere” which means moving. Motivation is defined as an internal drive that activates behavior and gives it direction. The term motivation theory is concerned with the processes that describe why and how human behavior is actively and directly. It is considered one of the most important areas of study in the field of organizational behavior. There are two different categories of motivation theories such as content theories and process theories. Even though there are different theories of motivation, none of them are universally accepted.

Also known as the necessary theory, the content of the theory of incentives mainly focuses on the internal aspects of energy and direct behavior. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, ERG theory is Alderfer, Herzberg Lindeberg is inspiring-hygiene theory (Herzberg Eberg dual factors theory), and McClelland have learned, or three-needs theory are some of the basic teachings of the subject.

Of the different types of materials theory, the most famous fabric theory is Abraham Maslow hierarchy of human needs. Maslow introduced five levels of basic needs through his teaching. Basic needs are classified as physiological needs, safety and security needs, needs love, needs to self esteem and need for self-actualization.

Just as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, ERG theory explains the existence, relatedness and growth needs. With double aspect doctrine, Herz Eberg describes certain aspects of the workplace arising from the job. McClelland has learned, or three-needs theory using projective technique called Thematic aptitude test (TAT) to evaluate people based on three needs: power, performance, and collaboration. People with a high need for energy act in a way that affects the behavior of another.

Another type of incentive theory is a process theory. Process theories of motivation provide an opportunity to understand the thought processes that influence behavior. The main motivation process theories are equity theory of Adams, Von theory is VROOM, goal-setting theory, and reinforcement theory. Von, instrumentality and valence key concepts are explained in Von theory. Goal setting theory suggests that those individuals who are motivated to achieve these goals. It also requires setting goals should be specific. Reinforcement theory is concerned with controlling behavior by manipulating its consequences.


Source by Richard Romando

Reading motivational books


read motivational books is key to improving our personal well-being, there is a wealth of knowledge to lead by learning from the experiences of others and by the we better with each passing day and automatically become better friends, better lovers, better employees, better management, just to name a few.

as humans, we need to keep learning every day, let us have a responsibility to continue and constantly improving daily; there is no way that we can become better if we do not learn, there is simply no shortcut to it, here lies the wisdom and the keys to greatness. Now, it raised quite a few motivational books covering various topics and all aspects of human endeavor to help us learn and implement positive ideas we have learned.

Books are usually the wealth of knowledge that no one can dispute, experience different people different and varied opinions about life and share their experiences inspires and encourages us in general . It is an adrenaline booster anytime any day. There are times we feel just like giving a project or endeavor, however, by reading and coming into contact with books and materials from people who need to have experienced such things we are going through, we are able to learn how they were able to control such matters and victory over them.

We all need to remember that the wisdom, knowledge and understanding, God created the world, and we are his creation, we need to seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding as well; by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to read in general.


Source by Victor Cheke

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill Inspiring Book


Muhammad Ali, and Napoleon Hill.

What first sentence of this article say to you?

For many, probably not much at all, and for quite a few, you might even ask “who are they anyway?”

Napoleon Hill has probably become the most read author of personal development of all time. His seminal work Think and Grow Rich is generally regarded as the number one book in terms of being the most books in the genre of all time. Many have built their success of their business empire based on the theory and ‘secret to success “which is found on their sites.

Although the language time [mid 1930's], can be a little difficult to interpret, those who take time to study the book [not just read it], begin to realize the power and truth of writing Hill.

of course, Hill had successfully distilled the lessons he learned from over 500 top business leaders and entrepreneurs those times. and these lessons have proven to be timeless.

We see ‘modernized’ in the law of attraction and the plethora of books, tapes, DVD, movies, courses that have been spawned these lessons largely behind “the Secret” which is actually a version of “think and Grow Rich”.

let’s let Napoleon Hill think and Grow Rich for a moment and talk about Muhammad Ali.

as a young man about the time Ali was to become famous, I’d never seen anyone ‘show off’ as he did.

Here in New Zealand sporting heroes were All Blacks [Rugby Football], they were the best – and still are – but none of them announced their prowess [and future success], just like Ali did.

His “I am the greatest ‘and’ float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” took some getting used to, he became known as the Louisville Lip – .. For obvious reasons

However what I did not until I read an article about him [he turns 70 years of age on January 17], was the fact that from a young age Ali was especially strong work ethic. He would run to school instead of catching the bus. It was not until his bicycle was stolen he met a police officer who was also a boxing trainer. According to a friend, “he was to develop a punch back,” and Ali aspired to become a heavyweight boxer.

actually neighbor is quoted as saying at a young age Ali told him he would be heavyweight champion of the world, and neighbors did not believe him, “I told him,” Man, you better get that out of mind. But he took. He came with. “

As we all know now, Ali did become not only a world champion, but is arguably the best heavyweight boxer of all time.

The first section of Think and Grow Rich Hill describes the first key success, you must develop a “burning desire ‘for the things you want it shares a six step plan how to get there


and here are some quotes from this section [in the version of the book have participated in] ;. that will help show the similarity between what Hill espouses and achievement Ali

‘you will be as strong and dominant goal If you cherish. vision, a lofty ideal in your heart that you realize it badly. “James Allen

The only limits us is that we set up in our own mind. [Hill]

‘If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates energy, and inspires your hopes. “Andrew Carnegie

and insights from Hill :. ‘. Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, it is necessary to take the misery and poverty “

So, by comparing achievement was Ali and his use of these principles and there is no doubt that he, Ali, had a burning desire to succeed as its neighbor said :. “He did. He came with.”




Source by Phil Linklater

Is your relationship Sitting On ticking time bomb?


What would you guess is the number one cause of divorce or break-ups in relationships? Affairs? Money matters? Bored? Let me give you a hint:

Albert Einstein said the following: “Men marry women with the hope they will never change Women marry men with the hope they will change Invariably they are both disappointed …”

If you read this quote carefully you will see Ticking bomb is quivering under 85% of relationships today. Let’s break it down.

“Men marry women with the hope they will never change.” Post why? Because when you give up a precious and hard-won freedom for his wife, and ask her to share his world with him, he has decided that this is the person who fills his life. She brings him something he can not get on their own. He pictures the life cycle of love, support and joy with this woman. He’s probably physically attracted to her. His hope is that all these elements never change.

“Women marry men with the hope they will change.” Let’s face it, ladies. We are sooo guilty of these qualities. We see the possibilities of man. He has a beer gut? We will encourage him to hit the gym when the ring is on our fingers. He is not making six figures? With our encouragement and support he soon will be. His mother is too involved in their lives? When the honeymoon is over … so visits his mother. We do not like his haircut, choice of golf shirts, time with the boys, TV shows … the list goes on and on. With a little help, spit and polish, this guy could be quite a catch. Do you see the difference between the two quotes?

I have worked with women for over 30 years. I have interviewed about 2,000 men. I know that the previous statements are true. And if you can not distinguish where the ticking noise is coming from, let me clue you in.

When a person is constantly put under the microscope in an effort to see all his faults, defects and deficiencies, the person begins to decrease. His life is now one of constant criticism, evidence, silent treatments, storm and picking apart their dreams. I’ve seen it so many times. It starts like what the woman perceives as harmless proposals for his hygiene, fashion sense, choice of friends, etc. her intentions are honorable, right? I mean, she’s just trying to help the poor guy have a better life, right?

If you look deeper on the real motivation behind women trying to “better” partners you will see a real stimulus. It is her own feelings of low self-esteem. She needs the world, especially her family and friends, to see her with someone amazing. The man she married is a reflection of what she was able to capture, and in a sense is a measure of how they “measure up.” annoying characteristics may be mirroring itself in itself it is not satisfied with. At a subconscious level she feels a “correct” him, she has directed her own affairs.

The reason belittle, undermine, offensive and undervaluing your spouse is so dangerous and harmful is that it will eventually erode feelings for you, and for himself. Affairs are usually started because of a person’s need to feel loved and admired, at any cost. We are shutting down the very person we chose to love and be with. Why is it so important for us now pick them apart? Seriously, who gave you the right or the power to self-esteem of another person and stamp it into the ground?

You can defuse the bomb with one simple trick: Start looking at him with eyes of love and appreciation. He is human. He is going to screw up on occasion, just as you do. The next time you feel tempted to point to something he did wrong, think about the last mistake. Did you spill the milk? Violations dish? Running late for work? Lose car keys? We become so accustomed to ignore our own faults as we go on with a magnifying glass and a sniper gun waiting for a loved one to mess us up. Nothing … and I mean nothing will kill the relationship faster.

Please … let him breathe. Let him be human. When you start to appreciate him for all he does for you, how hard you try to do the best he can with what he got, you will begin to lose the habit blame and belittle. You have to see this guy blossom before your eyes as he feels loved and admired. The men I surveyed considered to be admired and appreciated that the top two things they craved from their wives. Take it from them, and you will see someone who has become a shell of his former self.

If you continue to feel the need to be in control and hurt others, you have to deal with feelings of low self-esteem. You can only give away what you are inside. If you can not give love, appreciation and support, it is a hole inside you that needs to be addressed.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has a favorite quote my “. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Believe me – when you change the way you see it, and see it only through the eyes of love and appreciation, it will change. But not for self-serving reasons we listed earlier. Rather, he will become the man he always wanted to be and you will have a relationship adventures were based.


Source by Rebecca F Pittman

100 Sure Fire Ways to get you ‘think’


discipline our minds to focus on specific terms is not an easy task as we tend to repeat the same routine thought patterns from one day to the next. From the beginning of my mind in the development of ideas and techniques that I make a conscious effort every day to flood my mind with inspiring questions, phrases, quotes and articles.

Over the years I have eaten a lot of information related to mental, physical and spiritual development and in this post I will list the most important concepts that have made me think more positively and sometimes forced me to reflect on my current perception .

This list is in no particular order of importance and most of the phrases, quotes or statements can not be implemented as they will (I hope) to be self-explanatory, but I will of course elaborate on the I feel need further clarification.

Let’s start with the …

1 … Stop trying to be a people pleaser … you are only unique if you accept you completely.

2 … Every time you get angry you poison your own systems. As Albert Einstein said: Anger lives only in the bosom of fools.

3 … Accept no definition of life, identify yourself and never be bullied into silence.

4 … always have the desire to learn. Stagnation is the result of complacency in one’s ability to shine.

5 … To forgive your enemies is a gift you give yourself. Release luggage, let go and move forward.

6 … Beware of intellectual knowledge. All great wisdom begins when we realize that we do not know as much as we think we do.

7 … The hardest part to complete the task is started. When you start, it is difficult to stop.

8 … We have all the problems, it is the way we deal with them that sets us apart from all others.

9 … Fear has been given a bad rep. Fear can not be without hope nor hope without fear. Baruch Spinoza.

10 … Few things in life are very important. What is yours?

11 … You have control over what information your mind is taken every day. The more negative information, the less optimistic you will.

12 … We live in two worlds simultaneously. Most people I meet believe that we live in one world and because of this misunderstanding they never learn how to cultivate their ‘inner world “to create their” outer world’.

13 … You really need to focus on what you want, not what you do not want. And keep pining.

14 … The 80/20 rule …. 80 percent of the value you get will come from 20 percent of your activities.

15 … Law Parkinson …. You can do it faster than you think, the more time you have, the more time you will be taking.

16 … Worry is usually just a waste of time, useless thought created a doubtful mind.

17 … Positivity is contagious, so to find friends who look on the bright side to surround yourself with.

18 … Whether you think you can or whether you think you can not, either way you are right – Henry Ford.

19 … Substitute a bad habit for a good one. Replacing one habit for another is much more likely to work. If you want to stop smoking then start running.

20 … It is not what happens outside that affects your life, it is the reaction you have to what happens outside it affects your life.

21 … Sitting in silence for 20 minutes just to reflect how you are connected to everything and everyone can give you great insight.

22 … Finally let go and embrace all that life has to offer, whether it is an obstacle or opportunity.

23 … Stop fussing over non-trivial issue and start to focus on what is really important to you.

24 … You should start every single day with an attitude of gratitude.

25 … Take some time to reflect, even if it’s just for five minutes.

26 … not contemplate through life expecting things to change, you never know when it will be too late.

27 … your mind will lie to you, and your mind will trick you into believing that it is better for you to stay in your comfort zone, but you do not mind, you are the administrator and master mind .

28 … Every day do a little weeding out negative thoughts and words. Unresponsive to negative self-talk, just observe and be aware of what is happening.

29 … life becomes difficult and unfair when you decide to complain about it rather than trying to change it.

30 … You are the creator of good in your life and bad.

31 … make a conscious effort to praise others instead of criticizing.

32 … Watching too much TV can not be good for your self-esteem. We have no control over the information fed through the media and consequently we are unconsciously feeding our minds the negative views expressed by biased media.

33 … Ponder how your thoughts have real power. Detect, investigate and ask questions. (Write down what insights you have gained through this work)

34 … Face fear one week to one year and you will have created a new reality based on the laws of accumulation.

35 … Most people do not breathe properly. Deep breath, relax the mind and body, so be aware of this and do it every day. Place the magnet with the word “spirit” in the fridge door and take a deep breath when you see it.

36 … Choose success will not necessarily make you happy, but choose happiness will undoubtedly make you successful.

37 … You do not have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

38 … Do not compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

39 … Love yourself, respect yourself, know that you are perfect and believe that you are worthy. (It is true, never forget, always remind you).

40 … Wake up to the truth that life is not a practice run. Be bold, courageous and make decisions that benefit your growth.

41 … Write down 20 things you admire about yourself and review them every night before going to bed and every morning when you rise.

42 … Do not put yourself in a box and certainly do not let someone else put you in a box. You are from this moment, what you want to be, it’s your choice, do not let anyone do it for you.

43 … Embrace each obstacle you face in your life as an opportunity to grow and expand arsenal of concentration as you will no doubt learn a valuable lesson.

44 … Stop looking for happiness, you already have it, the gift of life should be enough to make you happy. If you do not believe it, then you are not living, you are simply … current.

45 … no one knows you better than you know yourself. your opinion of yourself is the only one that truly matters.

46 … Trust that it will always work out for the best in the end. It is the only way to look at life.

47 … The greatest failure is to never stop failure at all. Most things you fear, will never happen.

48 … There is no truth, only perception … your perception.

49 … Never be afraid or ashamed to find errors in your understanding of things.

50 … You are responsible for creating life the way you want it to be. No one comes to rescue you, it’s your job.

51 … Break your daily life pattern, or at least be aware of how much time you spend repeating the same routines with little or no conscious effort.

52 … Expand vocabulary by learning just one new word every day.

53 … Expect problems and eat them for breakfast – Alfred A. Montapert.

54 … Take a walk where nature is in bloom and connect with true beauty.

55 … Make the extra effort to smile more often. You, and everyone else you come in contact with will benefit.

56 … Read Don Miguel Ruiz books and practice what you learn. “The Four Agreements” and “The Voice of knowledge” can change your outlook on life.

57 … Practice visualizing the results in a positive light before you embark on a journey.

58 … Practice observing your feelings instead of getting caught up with to deal with them.

59 … Question your beliefs. The quality of our lives depends on our faith. A lot of our views are not even our own, as we have been groomed by our parents, peers and society in general in accordance with a particular building. Take stock of your life thus far to see where you could have limiting beliefs and reflect on the importance of holding on to them or whether it’s time to let them go.

60 … Use “Songs of control” to determine what thoughts you allow your mind to possess. Use the “law put in” to insert what thoughts you want in your mind. These two songs when used in accordance with each other are very powerful tools.

61 … Stop trying to change people, it does not, people only change when they will truly.

62 … Make sure you’re heading in the right direction and then all you have to do is to continue.

63 … Never be envious of the success of another, be happy for them instead.

64 … make a conscious effort to listen more than you talk.

65 … the one who is really interested in other people.

66 … Watch “it’s a wonderful life” and consider how you touch people’s lives just for being you.

67 … Do not sit around waiting for things to happen, it is not uncommon for some to spend their whole life waiting for the right moment to shine … it’s time to shine here and now.

68 … Ponder saying “your health is your wealth”

69 … always give more than is expected of you without looking for anything in return. You will be rewarded well if you live constantly with this rule.

70 … Do not let life just happen to you. Consciously make an effort to go out and get what you want. It is your reality so may as well act like it is.

71 … not actively chat with people who doubt your talent. Spend more time with people who believe in you and help you succeed.

72 … Look back on your life and let go of anything that you might be holding on. Life is too wonderful for you to have anything.

73 … Never rely on anyone else for your happiness. I am pleased with you but I’m also happy without you. This is so important.

74 … Love you no more conceited than looking after yourself is selfish.

75 … If you are unhappy in your job then you need not continue to do that regardless of what others may think. This is your life and you are the one to deal with the consequences of decisions you make.

76 … We will keep repeating the same mistakes until the lesson is learned. Think about this one and ask the right questions about your current situation. Are you making the same mistakes repeatedly in certain areas of your life? If you are, then it’s time to learn the lesson sooner or later inevitable.

77 … It’s okay to feel vulnerable sometimes. Your strength comes from within and you should embrace it at all costs.

78 … walk a mile in another person’s shoes before you cast judgment.

79 … always strive to be as authentic as possible and never compromise your integrity.

80 … You’re a long time dead.

81 … Make sure you’re not confusing “reasons” with “excuses” when you make important decisions concerning personal growth. When you say you have not had enough time to practice, there is no excuse why.

82 … Luck is created, not inherited.

83 … Stop doubting yourself, you are definitely capable.

84 … The more you fail, the more you learn.

85 … Someone else will always have more. It is not what you are that counts, it’s who you are that matters.

86 … Focus on the solution, not the problem.

87 … Anything can be achieved with enough practice.

88 … Take up of material possessions, do not lose focus on what is really important.

89 … Exercise is just as important for the mind as it for your body.

90 … Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Awareness has everything with spiritual.

91 … Live your life with humility. Be humble, be humble and never think that you are better than anyone else.

92 … Set goals and put them in writing.

93 … Wanting to change your life is not as important as being ready for a change.

94 … We are all made of the same material that holds our universe together. We are all loved and if you have love to share then do not be afraid to open up and express it from the bottom of your heart.

95 … It is an incredibly powerful thing eventually be strong enough to just let go, be yourself and eventually accept the beauty that is … you.

96 … Do not make the mistake of judging a person based on old information. People can change, and you are what you aspire to be.

97 … First give value … then take effect.

98 … knowledge is only useful if dealt with. Actions speak louder than words ever could. If you talk the talk then be better prepared to walk the walk.

99 … Education begins when you leave school. Do not fall into the trap so many of us do, self-education is paramount to success.

100 … Nothing is impossible … the word itself says I can – Audrey Hepburn

So there you have it, 100 sure-fire ways to get you to think, sales and hopefully deliberation. It took me much longer to complete than I had expected, but assumptions are not always correct.

Did I miss an important one or two that appeals to you. All comments are greatly appreciated 🙂

Thanks as always for taking the time out to go over this list and have a wonderful day.



Source by Declan O Flaherty

Sex Quote – Tragedy intercourse Is Perpetual Virginity psyche


virginity of the soul in this context refers to how innocence within us, which strongly implies our taste and ability to crave or long for some parts or materials which can not really be considered a social right. This is sex quote from William B. Yeates. What does he mean by this? Let’s find out.

Indeed, this is so deep and inspiring and a clearer and better understanding of this sex quotation, we must critically analyze the two sides, the side that considers the situation before intercourse and side after sex.

man who never had sex in his or her life is not just a virgin in a sexual situation but also the soul. What this means is that the person who has no experience and no sense of adventure. This may not be entirely true and some maids may have looked a little porn, go through illegal content, engaged pervert chat or talks with friends. Nevertheless, it is not as adventurous and taste “forbidden fruit”.

Now, this girl gets set to experience it for the first time in his or her life and then goes into it with some level of uncertainty despite how well they have known it through the elements mentioned earlier. But when the forbidden fruit has been tasted or even eat, our human nature then comes into play that is-we want to eat and taste more of it. A lady has confessed that since she had first intercourse at her age of 15, she never looked back. A guy who was a virgin and a relationship for about 4 years experienced first intercourse with his his girl at the age of 22 are not up to 6 months after that, he broke up with her, why? “She is not very good in bed” -his reason. There are millions of people who are in a similar situation, especially teenagers and young adults.

After having sex, we want to have it again and we hope and will next time should be better, more adventurous and more enjoyable than ever. We do not just stop on the basis of the wishes and aspirations, but work to ensure that the next would be better. All these features come down to the level of innocence apply to us and why eating a virginity of the soul. The more we crave, or try to do better next time, the more we make wild soul (For married) or corrupt (for singles). And no wonder, do it in our current generation has been abused. People do not find pleasure in sex with the opposite sex anymore. They have gone far to have the same gender and some of this is not even enough. They have demanded satisfaction from animals having sex with dogs and horses, all in the quest to find the zenith of pleasure and therefore corrupts the soul.

Well, in order to clear all possible arguments articles such feature affect the soul is a tragedy for both married and single. The main factor of each variable here should be individuals. Well, a married man may be tired of the pleasure he gets from his wife and start sleeping with a woman next door his neighbor to get the satisfaction he feels that he does not enjoy. His wife, however, can go to an animal. So, no one is excluded in this. But even as the soul gets more and more wild after each intercourse, we should do our best to make it a tragedy but directs it to better enjoy sex the way it should be fun.


Source by Funom Makama