Sex Quote – Tragedy intercourse Is Perpetual Virginity psyche


virginity of the soul in this context refers to how innocence within us, which strongly implies our taste and ability to crave or long for some parts or materials which can not really be considered a social right. This is sex quote from William B. Yeates. What does he mean by this? Let’s find out.

Indeed, this is so deep and inspiring and a clearer and better understanding of this sex quotation, we must critically analyze the two sides, the side that considers the situation before intercourse and side after sex.

man who never had sex in his or her life is not just a virgin in a sexual situation but also the soul. What this means is that the person who has no experience and no sense of adventure. This may not be entirely true and some maids may have looked a little porn, go through illegal content, engaged pervert chat or talks with friends. Nevertheless, it is not as adventurous and taste “forbidden fruit”.

Now, this girl gets set to experience it for the first time in his or her life and then goes into it with some level of uncertainty despite how well they have known it through the elements mentioned earlier. But when the forbidden fruit has been tasted or even eat, our human nature then comes into play that is-we want to eat and taste more of it. A lady has confessed that since she had first intercourse at her age of 15, she never looked back. A guy who was a virgin and a relationship for about 4 years experienced first intercourse with his his girl at the age of 22 are not up to 6 months after that, he broke up with her, why? “She is not very good in bed” -his reason. There are millions of people who are in a similar situation, especially teenagers and young adults.

After having sex, we want to have it again and we hope and will next time should be better, more adventurous and more enjoyable than ever. We do not just stop on the basis of the wishes and aspirations, but work to ensure that the next would be better. All these features come down to the level of innocence apply to us and why eating a virginity of the soul. The more we crave, or try to do better next time, the more we make wild soul (For married) or corrupt (for singles). And no wonder, do it in our current generation has been abused. People do not find pleasure in sex with the opposite sex anymore. They have gone far to have the same gender and some of this is not even enough. They have demanded satisfaction from animals having sex with dogs and horses, all in the quest to find the zenith of pleasure and therefore corrupts the soul.

Well, in order to clear all possible arguments articles such feature affect the soul is a tragedy for both married and single. The main factor of each variable here should be individuals. Well, a married man may be tired of the pleasure he gets from his wife and start sleeping with a woman next door his neighbor to get the satisfaction he feels that he does not enjoy. His wife, however, can go to an animal. So, no one is excluded in this. But even as the soul gets more and more wild after each intercourse, we should do our best to make it a tragedy but directs it to better enjoy sex the way it should be fun.


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12 Pros körfuboltaþjálfun certification


The question of why the gap has been closed in international basketball is an urgent one. The United States dominated the international and Olympic play. Those days are gone as training our structure leaves much to be desired. The quality of our training has deteriorated, the other countries have come a long way because motivated training exercise. Training certification for basketball coach was once just a topic for discussion. It has become an urgent topic and will be seriously considered by the US training community.

This article discusses the benefits of training certification. Following the lead of countries like Canada and the UK The following list represents a good reason for us to follow.

12 Benefits of a Basketball Coach certification program

  1. by becoming certified to increase your knowledge of the game of basketball.
  2. You will immediately be part of a small group of certified trainers to facilitate the study and application of the game. Knowledge will be sought by other coaches.
  3. Certification will prepare you to run your own training program or youth basketball your camps.
  4. A comprehensive study approach with classroom setting and adjusting the height will increase your learning curve.
  5. 12 hours of training will equal learning gained in several training clinic.
  6. Can be completed in 2 or 3 days to fit your schedule and other obligations.
  7. You can add references to your resume growing training network.
  8. Your will get access to hundreds of contacts training in high school, college and NBA basketball.
  9. You will begin to collect training philosophy in their own “Black Book” your training.
  10. You must take the initiative and promote job prospects.
  11. For the cost of one Nike clinic you will be exposed to all parts of the game from the teaching and philosophical point of view.
  12. You have to develop their own training philosophy, techniques and methods of teaching the game.

The main steps to take in this process is to come from those leading role. The National Association of basketball coaches, NBA, NCAA, and thousands of training organizations around the country will embrace all these efforts to improve körfuboltaþjálfun. Until we make our game will continue to fight for the definition and quality.


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The Home Depot – Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus Success Factors


Famous Quote

“We believed from the beginning that if we brought customers quality products at the right price and offered excellent service, we could change retail in the United States. today, we model what retail should be. “

Starting the Business

in the late 1970s, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank were both working the home center chain in Southern California called Handy Dan when Siegfried S. Sigoloff, known for the disposal of senior management in companies he bought, bought the struggling Dayl Inc., the parent company of handy Dance. Since Handy Dan was profitable, Marcus and Blank were determined their jobs were safe. But they were wrong. False charges were brought against the two alleged they were allowed to leave open an account and use the funds to fight against the merger at Handy Dan outlets in San Jose.

Before they were fired, however, Marcus and Blank had been working to find profitable ways of discounting on one of its positions Handy Dan. They note that by marking down items, increased volume and cost, as a percentage of sales, decreased. At a time when they lost their jobs they had been planning to introduce their discovery of other stores, but now they were free to start building a country home-center chain of their own. They were going to develop a store where product selection was great and the prices were as low as possible, and where training, knowledgeable, and helpful customer service representatives provide the best service available.

The venture began in the suburbs of Atlanta with money from the New York investment firm. They stock shelves first two stores with 18,000 different products ranging from paint supplies to specialized tools to repair, cut prices as far as they could, and hired and trained staff themselves. On the opening day, they gave their children a stack of $ 1 bills to hand out to customers to say thank you for shopping at the store, but at the end of the day, there was still money left and the kids were out in the parking lot someone to use the money trying to convince people to go and have a look.

Both were dejected and despondent. Marcus remembers that “[his] wife would not let [him] humidity days. She did not [him] have razor in [his] hands.”

build empire

A few days after the grand opening, the client again with gratitude her – a bag of okra Marcus – the positive experience of shopping at Home Depot. Although he did not like okra, it was a turning point, and word of mouth started spreading.

Money was still tight (workers stacked empty cardboard boxes and paint cans on the top shelf so the shops seemed more packed with goods than they were in reality), but where the first two shops were doing well, Blank and Marcus decided to open two, this time in the Miami area. Two more stores Miami two months later. November 22, 1981, the company went public and investment and profits exploded. Chain expanded and profitability far exceeded expectations. Originally estimated at $ 9 million worth of sales of the store, the average selling rate went to $ 17 million. Before 1990, 118 Home depots were pulling in $ 2.7 billion in sales.

In less than two decades after 1999, The Home Depot had become the world’s largest retailer of home decoration products. In addition, it has become an international retailer with stores in Canada and South America and will continue to expand. Blank said that the basic principles of his company, though it has grown so much, “were cast in these early years, and have never changed. Our rates were low then, and they are still low today. And the service was excellent then and still he is today “

Core values ​​and Company Secrets

Marcus and Blank, as stated in his book” built from scratch “, attribute their success to eight values ​​:.

– Provide excellent customer service.

– Take care of your people

– Develop entrepreneurial spirit.

– Respect all people.

– Do the right thing; not just to make things right.

– give back to the community as an integral part of doing business.

– Take your shareholders.

– Build strong relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers and communities.

The success of Home Depot can also be seen in the way it has encouraged its customers to do it themselves. Shop at Home Depot are hired for their knowledge and understanding of repairs at home and can direct customers to the equipment they may need for a particular project. Short hands-on training classes are also available in their stores to teach various aspects of repair and remodeling.

Blank and Marcus take “road trips” and prior notice at its stores. They say the experience is good for them because they are constantly learning from its associates – the marketing methods have changed because of this opportunity to learn from those on the ground who know more about the products and deal with customers directly.

In addition, Blank and Marcus act in accordance with “Running Scared” process management, where 90% of their meetings to deal with the problem, how to outdo techniques competitors, products that are in demand and what customers are not found in stores. Chronic Their goal is to continually work to improve standards today. And it certainly has worked for them so far.


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Three Essential Keys to personal success


“The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard work, stick-to-itiveness and common sense.” Thomas A. Edison

When you think of Thomas Edison, certainly you think about the invention of the electric light bulb. This great scientist was also inspiring and thought provoking leader. The quote above is one of the many motivational words of personal success. In it you need three most important Essential Keys to personal success. For the most part these keys are some of the values ​​that our parents or guard have inculcated in us or to say the least have tried. As these keys were strong in the time Mr Edison they are as powerful today. personal success requires the following elements:

Had-win “. Work smart and not hard” You probably will have heard or read, However, the reality is that working smart is hard work to be honest. Working smart is not a sign that the work is going to be easy, without errors or smooth sailing, but it includes the ability to take advantage of relevant information, to adapt to new trends, acquire and update skills to produce the desired results. This is such a work. Thomas Edison noted further, “There is no substitute for work.” Do not let people make you believe that working smart sits on the beach in Maui and enjoy all kinds of exotic locations. This also comes with working hard and smart. Ask any successful person today what is the number one secret of personal success of the unequivocal answer will be hard work. As Mr. Edison theory, to achieve anything worth while hard work is a prerequisite just like our parents kept us.

Stick-to-itiveness: defines stick to itiveness that dogged persistence; safe tenacity. J. Robert Buchanan said, “You’ve got to have realistic goals and stick-to-itiveness to get it” To achieve personal success you have to persevere through the process, be tenacious in your goals and action plans that are congruent with the appropriate goals. There will be temporary detours and difficult moments of personal success journey, but you have to refute any haphazard trend and not leave the ship, throwing in the towel and let your ideas go satisfied. Whatever insurmountable challenges that stands in your way to personal and professional success you’ve got to have this stick-to-itiveness mentality to achieve your goals.

Common sense: The most for at least three keys for personal success is common sense. As I research various quotes for this particular reason one of the CE Stowe says, “Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and do things as they should.” resonated. It can not be plainer than that, the knack of seeing things as they are and do what you are supposes to do to get the anticipated results. According to Mr. Edison, achieve anything worth while requires common sense. Go to work on yourself to apply these three keys and personal success is guaranteed.


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Self Motivation and its importance


self motivation is very important. There are several reasons for such an important person in your self-motivation to be. All need to be self motivated.

These days, with so many challenges and a lot of competition one needs to survive, self motivation works as sound enhancers. It heightens interest and provides energy to work.

Self motivation is known as an important part of your life. If you are looking for success in any area of ​​your life, you need self-motivation. Self motivation plays an important role in enhancing the self. It cultivates the desire to do something in life. Experts in the past have believed and proved that even when self motivation is combined with self-determination, one can easily move mountains and find water in the desert.

There are several things a person can get motivated by. People get motivated by their strong faith in the Lord. They can even get enthusiastic about the experience they have had, or other factors. These things just inspire you to change your perspective in life. One can change in a better person or a better business person with self motivation.

People usually go through happy and sad times in their lives. When things go awry, you need to support you, your family and the people around you. This requires a good amount of energy power in you. When providing support and encouragement to your family and friends, you have to be very strong.

Some people are lucky to have a good support in times of pathos. However, some peace and need a lot of courage to survive difficult times. At such times, one needs to get inspires or motivates him. Lack of self motivation At such times can be damaging and even complicate your life further.

Mentioned below are some strong reasons why you need self-motivation

o Self motivation is extremely important when it comes to accepting the challenges and opportunities in life.

o power of self motivation helps in the organization of life and easing difficulties.

o Self motivation gives new purpose and direction in life.

o Self motivation is important to provide interest in life.

o Self Motivation allows you to live a fulfilling life.

o can strengthen and encourage you to face hard times and competition in life with the help of self-motivation.

or self motivations fill you with positive energy and increase your interest.

o Self motivation is important for your existence. It gives you identity for you.

Motivation is a kind of driving force that motivates a person to get going. It is a kind of boost to confidence, faith and inner conscience of man. All of us to seek some kind of motivation in life. It is almost impossible to face the competition, success reach the goal without motivation.


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Benefits of Reading


For many, reading has many advantages that continue to increase its life. Their lives bettered in some of the following ways: mentally, spiritually and sociality. Also, if we develop the habit of reading, we will be more confident and sure of the ability to understand and comprehend all kinds of information. Let’s explore some of the benefits of reading.

One of the main advantages of reading is that it utilizes the mind. Your mind starts turning and turning spiritual, it remains to lose and limber so you can flow more easily in the day. Regular routine ensures that reading the muscle remains in good shape and in mind. Just as physical exercise, it has to be a willingness to make reading part of your life. If you understand the many advantages reading, you will have no trouble taking a regular habit of reading.

Reading has other benefits regular reader’s ability to concentrate. When the mind is trained and directed, it begins to pay attention more. For example, when you are faced with some of the difficult and challenging life, you will have the ability to be calm and objective look at the problem, situation or needs projects. If you continue reading, you continue to stay focused; crux of the matter.

There is perhaps no greater avenue to learning then through reading. All people, big and small, have learned more things by reading them almost anywhere other way. When we continue reading, we have the ability to increase our mind tremendously. We review the pages of knowledge left by those who came before us. We start the add knowledge and circulation of mankind continues. Regular reading habits have chanced positive life course of many nations.

Finally, when we develop exercise habits of reading, we are building a solid foundation on which to build. This foundation of reading will allow us to achieve many goals and ambitions we have for our lives. our routine to keep reading helps to ensure that we will continue to succeed. Reading has a long and proven track record to bring positive and lasting benefits humanity.


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A challenging Behaviours students


Case Study and Professional Discussion- deal with challenging students Behaviours

“Our thoughts create our reality – where we put our focus refers to the tendency to go. “
Peter McWilliams

A range of factors that underlie the different behavior of centers of continuing education sector are as follows:

A: Major / general elements
1. Cultural / social background
2. Family / religious background
3. illness / disease / abnormal / learning
4. learning
5. Educational background / effect
6. peer pressure
7. Poor emotional / social language skills /

B: other factors:
1. Lack of support from teachers / peers / parents
2. Lack of motivation
3. Addiction to illegal substances such as drugs
4. Low self
5. Love / relationship problems
6. Pressure at work for working students
7. the time limit
8. Effects of regular medication for example, temperamental, tantrum, impatience
9. Classroom geography
10. Addiction to computers such as games, social sites, pornographic sites
11. Boring discussion / project
12 wrong leveling

This is an excerpt from the article Ofsted Re managing challenging behavior
Number 16 in the article “behavior: national image
16.” a survey conducted in 2003 on behalf of the Youth Justice Board showed that young people directly in all contexts showed a slight decline in the last two years. Research conducted by the board gives a good understanding of the factors in the lives of young people who make offending more likely. These factors are:

• aggressive behavior of the young person, including bullying
• family conflict and breakdown
• low achievement, starting at school
• lack of commitment to school, reflected in truancy
• peer involvement in problem behaviors
• availability of drugs

All of the above factors underlying the different behaviors contribute to one common effect; disrupt the learning environment.

“As you begin to change your thinking, start immediately to change your behavior. Start to respond to part of them you want to be. Take action in your behavior. Too many people want to feel, then take action. This never works. “

John Maxwell quotes American writer and motivational speaker

effect of different learning behavior varies. In ESOL my class where students are adults, the impact appears to be minimal. The students are almost independent and feelings of shame and embarrassment seem to be stopped then the question if something is not understood. But for absences and tardiness direct impact for teachers who always need to explain for the benefit of the late comers and those who were absent from previous sessions. Students are affected of the lot of the time is consumed examined in recent lessons.
With a new group of students I have a university from scratch, every behavior issues.

Most students show interest towards the projects given they seem to be short of patience and focus is also fast shrinking. A lot of them need individual support for each project. There are a few guys who talk so loud and even swear and verbal warnings appear to be taken on board but only for a short time. The class is disturbing for each noise and chattering that seem to be infinite. There are few people who are attention seekers and the environment is likely to be chaotic with this type of students. One negative behavior, leading to a chain of more negative behavior that could totally destroy the entire session. One of the projects in my first session in the primary school involved a lot of use of the network. I was looking through some of the students and noticed that they would sometimes navigate to pages with pictures of almost naked women. I gave them a verbal warning to make them aware of the consequences of their actions. The group I was working with were all focused except one, who showed great interest in the beginning of the operation by starting the project immediately, but as we went by his enthusiasm faded as did his partner for the project lost interest as well. In a situation like this, goals, objectives and learning outcomes are at stake.

targeted time to complete the task is always the hardest.

different learning styles for each student and one simple tantrum could interfere with focus or interest in another.

The legislation relevant to control behavior in the learning environment to ensure the right of every child and every teacher as well. Without legislation guidelines for the protection of both parties, better learning environment is at stake.

“negative emphasis in policy behavior leads often focused on dealing with problems after they have occurred.” Managing challenging behaviors pp10.

Structural policy is important to control the behavior of the learning environment.

In Feda publication “Is not behaved” Mitchell et all (1998) suggest that the disruptive behavior to be managed successfully the structural system needs to be present.
Regions suggested in the publication are:

• student discipline
• student attendance
• student lateness
• Use mobile
• Violence
• Smoking, alcohol, drugs abuse
• bullying and harassment
• Comments related to inequality

Structural orders require key players to promote the “order” environment where students prefer the purchase environment as a basis for creativity and learning.

• Students
• Teachers
• Management

Structural Policy of controlling behavior in a learning environment different to what extent disruptive behavior affects the teaching / learning. This means that there is no “one size ‘that fits all.” Is not misbehavin “(1998)

One widely held principle of effective punishment is that it should never breed resentment.

This are the leading encourage behaviors that promote effective learning environment.

giving positive feedback is one sure way to increase the interest of the student and trust and this would lead to positive behavior towards studies which suggested petty (2004), a book of his teachings day.

• Medals: This is information about what the student has done well, such as “your paragraphs and punctuation are good” or “There is good evidence ‘written in the margin next to the well-done team for the student . And grade tracking signals are not medals. Medals are details of what was done well.
• Project: This is information about what the student needs to improve, correct, or work on. It is best when it is forward looking and positive. eg “try to give more evidence of your views” or “more paragraphs to show the structure of writing ‘. Again, measurements such as the grades usually do not provide this information.
• Clear objectives: medals and the project has to be associated with clear goals usually best given in advance. the goal could be assessment criteria such as’ Use paragraphing to show the structure of writing “or” give evidence, illustrations for the views you express. “

as the saying goes” give credit where credit is due “students will be inspired to behave well in a learning environment if they are praised and recognized for the quality of their work and in my experience as a teacher, this has worked all the time. the class of Foundation College needs this style to encourage students to do more and I have proved this last Wednesday, March 18, 2009, on my first day, the students showed more interest when I praised the work of art they did as a group and individually praised them as well. This way made them complete all the tasks given.

The unique style of learning should be recognized by teachers to encourage good behavior. Another way is to take a lesson with interesting activities that are common among the general youth today. Giving attention and support when needed is also a tool. One to one tutorial is one good way to get access to the learner in deeper scope to know what his / her needs are.

“I praise the way, I blame softly”

Catherine the Great quotations

Strategies to promote behaviors that interfere with effective learning environment will be used to maximize learning. Using the advantages and medals is the number one on my list to encourage students to do more and better. Disruptive behavior are always present in the environment especially if students have a lot of issues such as learning difficulties, family problems, personality issues, etc. so what methods should be used to encourage them? Make them feel important and give them the responsibility to promote inclusion is one tool to minimize possible unwanted behavior. Establish principles of cause and effect awareness will also make students know their limits and boundaries. A student who is likely to create a disrupting behavior could be grouped into projects with students who are interested in learning to make him / her aware of the good behavior of students always produce excellent results. He or she will be challenged to do better because he would feel the pressure to be better to get the students as he / she is. Knowing what interests the student and expertise is an important factor in making educational programs / projects and use discipline for “every child matters” are good tools to encourage behaviors that interfere with effective learning environment. Reflective practice is also policy to encourage behaviors that interfere with effective learning environment. If you reflect and analyze how and what to do next about something that went wrong; problems will be identified and will be operative. Transactional analysis is also a theory put into practice. Be nurturing parent if you must pacify and to show the power that sometimes needs to signal that it is the boundary between students and teachers.

A desire to be light, thought, respected, praised, beloved and admired by his colleagues is one of the oldest and efficient measures found in the human heart.
John Adams

ways to control behaviors that interfere with effective learning environment are the tools to pursue to maximize learning. Ways like medals and honors are good grounds to increase student self-esteem and motivation. Consistency of approach is also a good way to show that the teacher is serious about how he / she deals with students when it comes to behavior management. A close cooperation with the parents need to exercise as well to enable all concerned to know what is happening.

ethos school provides a context in which children feel more comfortable knowing that they are valued as individuals, are safe from emotional and physical harm and are able to discuss their interests and open about their fears if the atmosphere does not give them support only but also concern. Appropriate adjustment of the materials is also a way to capture the interest of students. Flexibility is also a must to make sure that every child matters in the learning environment. If the curriculum and level are duly accepted, a sure way to better learning visible.

Using methods to control behaviors that interfere with effective learning environment must always be taken into account. Looking at the strengths of students and areas for development and make them as a starting point for a positive learning environment is helpful to promote inclusion. If the idea of ​​registration is evident in the learning environment, disruptive behavior could be avoided. In a class where all the students with learning difficulties, disruptive behavior as the disinterest and impatience are likely to happen. One strategy that I used on my first day was unnoticed push it promised all student had to maintain their interest and finish what they were doing. I noticed that they have so easily destructed just a simple annoyance as the noise but when I started gentle push through praise, they got back to what they were doing with greater intensity.

Giving emphasis on the importance of literacy and numeracy by giving more tasks to be filled better in these two areas will improve the communication skills of students; a skill that could be the reason why the student becomes disruptive. Do not have the ability to communicate is an obstacle that could stop the student to connect with peers and teachers make him vulnerable victim of abuse from peers and this can lead to behavioral problems. Good quality teaching is the prime ingredient to get interested students. If lessons are given in good time, knowledge, learning sessions are likely to be active and no disruptive behavior. A one to one tutorial should always be offered to students to make them feel their importance in the process. Student with disruptive behavior will take part in group work with students who have better behavior and interests that make him feel responsible and challenge.

own my methods, strengths and development needs associated with managing different behavior in learning environments are somehow a combination of how I was disciplined in school in the Philippines and new techniques learned in DTLLS course. In the Philippines, teachers are highly respected. They are considered one of the parents so they discipline a child with behavioral problems is part of the / job. Physical damage punishment is not legally allowed more physical damage is not the only way to discipline students. There are clearly written orders imposed set of standards to control disturbed behavior. Teachers in the Philippines in my time acted as imposers of things to do in the learning process. The projects are made more to avoid trouble from being picked on by slow learner who was not fully useful because it is a concrete barrier between teachers and students. As a teacher myself now, I would like to participate in the process not as a source of fear and as a source of motivation for the student to participate in any learning process; However, the barrier between teacher and student was imminent in his school days my should just be taken as goals that both teacher and student. If there is a barrier, communication is deterred. A boundary with the interaction between teachers and students is a good tool to coordinate the professionalism of the teacher student relationship within the learning environment. In my peers and teachers notes micro Teach me, they said I showed classroom by placing power and because good content my knowledge. I believe that the excellent content knowledge could make interesting learning environment for students. The first position I have, the ESOL class is an ideal group. All students are adults and there are no behavioral problems going on. Frequent absences and tardiness are only a problem at times because of their individual circumstances. They’re all working students and some have young children that is why sometimes absent could not be avoided.

New type I have a basic college is a challenge for me. I believe that I have to put into practice all the theories as transactional analysis, reflective practice learning styles model Kolb experiential theories to promote a better approach to teaching.

Ways to adapt and improve their own practices associated with managing different behavior in learning environments are as follows:

As suggested in the “Behavior Management, a whole organization approach” by learning and skills Development Agency, Northern Ireland, knowledge of these events is a good suggestion on where to start to control disruptive behavior.

1. Where distortion out?
2. What type of behavior?
3. Who is involved?
4. Why organization experience disruptive behavior?
5. When disturbance place?

These questions help to get to the bottom line of a problem.

LSDA NI has also devised a short staff training in management behavior that I find useful tool to deal with behavioral problems.

resource center for the following system all setup.

They are called “The Four Focus Model.”

1. Recognition of
2. Understanding
3. Prevent
4. Dealing with

I believe that the measures for the management should start throughout the organization . If there are clear written goals and rules to submit, behavioral management becomes easier. As a teacher, reflective practice is always to be considering to deal with all aspects of the learning process. Reflective practice and action plans; to make all students involved in the whole process. Knowing what your student needs are, communication, workshops, discussion of unique styles and learning needs are tools to make the learning environment a good experience for all students. if the environment is a recognition for the unique strengths, understanding of the regional and development, prevention of challenging behavior and knowledge to deal with all of the above and the whole process, maximized inclusive chaos is likely to be achieved.

“The effective teacher is no longer on the floor ;. To pump the knowledge of high pressure in the indirect container … He is a senior student eager to help their juniors” -Sir William Osler, The Student Life


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Friendship is necessary at all and Friendship Quotes Elaborate It


It is very necessary to understand your needs. We should not confuse all the time. Time is very important and once gone and never comes back. So take a wise decision and follow them strictly. We all need water, food and homes. Simultaneously we also need our parents, relatives and friends to teach us, to help us and support us. There is no choice in selecting a family and relatives. But we can choose our friends wisely. We should understand our needs and our character. Two short temper individuals can never be good friends. One should choose his / her fiends accordingly. However, it is to say that love and friendship can never be organized. But the thing that you can do is keep your eyes and mind open. Just match the character of the person with the website and see how much he / she understands you.

It is our nature to the beginning, as it and get attracted. But after some time, feel the strap and start taking it very lightly. But one should not apply this rule in friendship. I would like to share one friendship quotes here. “Friendship is not a big thing – it’s a million little things.”

Yes, the friendship we need to take care of many small parts. We should never hurt your friends. We should take our friendship very seriously because it is our friends who support us, care for us and take us with our weak points. They are our real well-wishers.

It’s just been told that “if you have one true friend, you have more than your share.” True friends are hard to find. If you find one, do not let him / her go. He / she is the only one who can fight for you and believe in you when others do not. No one in this world can live without friends. Everyone needs friendship. With friends, every moment will be memorable. Many great writers have written about the value of friendship in the form of friendship quotes. But beware of selfishness and fake friends. Take the test before any friend. Once you have found a real friend, I bet you will never feel sad or alone. He / she is always available for you to listen to you, to understand you and support you.


Source by Bhawna K

Nick Vujicic is my hero


Why is this guy so important to me? And why is he motivated me to deal with the challenge? Nick Vujicic is known for giving his all parts. He can light up any room with its spirit, energy and optimistic thoughts about life. Nick is amazing. The popular author and motivational speaker born with a rare medical condition called tetra-Amelia. He has no arms or legs. But Vujicic not let that stop him as he continues to spread the word of inspiration to others.

Nick is very open about where today, but more importantly, where he has come from. Under wide smile, and before the mega-sized audience, was distraught individual. The amount of ridicule and depression that sometimes accompanies-the physically challenged people sometimes face is scary. Difficult times as a child, and even tougher times as a teenager, Nick Vujicic not have an easy way. As suicidal liens him, Nick had to come to grips with his life, and fast, if he was going to live. Face life-altering questions as to why he was born in a way he was, and what was God’s plan for his everyday conundrum. Lucky for so many of us, Nick made the right decision for his life.

“Life without limbs? Or life without limits?” Nick questions. He has learned how to surf, golf, ride a skateboard, Skydive, cooking, and a laundry list of other things. Did I mention that he started a non-profit called Life Without Limits? The winning motivational speaker is married, can enter forty-two words per minute, and is the proud father of a new son. The latter result is particularly important, so Nick was not sure a few years ago that he would never find the right man. Sharing her life with someone special seemed to be in the cards according to Nick. He was always wrong! He has a beautiful wife Kanae Miyahara was a secret link, as well as a support system, and he had so well deserved.

spread his message of life with God is what Mr. Vujicic is always with aplomb day. Confident that God is with him the way he saw fit. This special ship life is touching and encouraging numerous souls. Reach far beyond his home country Australia, stretching farther than stateside his residence in California, Vujicic is affecting every corner of the world.

Most very successful people have a sense of commitment that no matter what life offers, they will answer back. Nick Vujicic is in that category, and I doubt he will ever fall in adversity. In fact, he makes it very difficult for able-bodied person to make excuses for the shortcomings and seems unfortunate circumstances. In my opinion, by Nick Vujicic quote sums it best: “God does not make mistakes, but he is a miracle that I am the one You’re too …”


Source by Mike Shelby

Life is just like ballpen refill


Life is like a ball pen refill. A ball pen refill that is full resembles your childhood days. In those days, you were also full of enthusiasm and your imagination had no limits. As you age into your teenage, you start feeling life is not all that smooth. This is the same as ball pen refill that sometimes does not give a smooth writing at the beginning. But here should remember the words of Shakespeare:

to climb steep hills requires slow pace of At first

Later refill ready. Is it not the same and when you have finished education and started earning on their own and buy what you had always desired.

And one day, refill gets over. The same is going to happen with your life. One day, it has to end.

In 1839, Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the very famous adage:

Pen is mightier than. sword

it means you can use either the pen to draw zigzag lines & ordinary things or use it to write something that brings about a revolution; Like Edward Bulwer in just one reference forth above.

So is the case with life. You can either live with whatever resources you need or you can exploit the latent potential to create a life that is not just for yourself, but for all humanity.

A costly and most aesthetically designed pen is useless unless it is inside refill filled with good ink.

The same applies to any person. So, while atti-up yourself in the best way nourish the mind and nurture your soul with the best way. This “inside-to-outside” growth has been highlighted by many experts including Stephen Covey in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

If you do not like the refill (may be its color) inside the pen then simply replace it with one you want. The same should hold true for your life too. You should have this kind of flexibility in your position to discard bad habits and forget not so good past easily. Instead of filling your life with colors develop a sense of living, have well-defined objectives and work single-minded in a focused way to turn your flame desires effectively.

Do not use a pen in your life to simply write life as it comes. In order to reach out to deliver beyond expectations, you know life is going to end similar pen refill ending its use. To write something very very much, you do not have an expensive pen refill. Similarly, you do not have to be very rich to help others. Devoting time and teaching or sharing what you know is sometimes even better. For example, when you give money to the poor you are planning their one or two meals, but if you teach him skills then plan meals for his offspring to come.


Source by Al Kaatib