Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill Inspiring Book


Muhammad Ali, and Napoleon Hill.

What first sentence of this article say to you?

For many, probably not much at all, and for quite a few, you might even ask “who are they anyway?”

Napoleon Hill has probably become the most read author of personal development of all time. His seminal work Think and Grow Rich is generally regarded as the number one book in terms of being the most books in the genre of all time. Many have built their success of their business empire based on the theory and ‘secret to success “which is found on their sites.

Although the language time [mid 1930's], can be a little difficult to interpret, those who take time to study the book [not just read it], begin to realize the power and truth of writing Hill.

of course, Hill had successfully distilled the lessons he learned from over 500 top business leaders and entrepreneurs those times. and these lessons have proven to be timeless.

We see ‘modernized’ in the law of attraction and the plethora of books, tapes, DVD, movies, courses that have been spawned these lessons largely behind “the Secret” which is actually a version of “think and Grow Rich”.

let’s let Napoleon Hill think and Grow Rich for a moment and talk about Muhammad Ali.

as a young man about the time Ali was to become famous, I’d never seen anyone ‘show off’ as he did.

Here in New Zealand sporting heroes were All Blacks [Rugby Football], they were the best – and still are – but none of them announced their prowess [and future success], just like Ali did.

His “I am the greatest ‘and’ float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” took some getting used to, he became known as the Louisville Lip – .. For obvious reasons

However what I did not until I read an article about him [he turns 70 years of age on January 17], was the fact that from a young age Ali was especially strong work ethic. He would run to school instead of catching the bus. It was not until his bicycle was stolen he met a police officer who was also a boxing trainer. According to a friend, “he was to develop a punch back,” and Ali aspired to become a heavyweight boxer.

actually neighbor is quoted as saying at a young age Ali told him he would be heavyweight champion of the world, and neighbors did not believe him, “I told him,” Man, you better get that out of mind. But he took. He came with. “

As we all know now, Ali did become not only a world champion, but is arguably the best heavyweight boxer of all time.

The first section of Think and Grow Rich Hill describes the first key success, you must develop a “burning desire ‘for the things you want it shares a six step plan how to get there


and here are some quotes from this section [in the version of the book have participated in] ;. that will help show the similarity between what Hill espouses and achievement Ali

‘you will be as strong and dominant goal If you cherish. vision, a lofty ideal in your heart that you realize it badly. “James Allen

The only limits us is that we set up in our own mind. [Hill]

‘If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates energy, and inspires your hopes. “Andrew Carnegie

and insights from Hill :. ‘. Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, it is necessary to take the misery and poverty “

So, by comparing achievement was Ali and his use of these principles and there is no doubt that he, Ali, had a burning desire to succeed as its neighbor said :. “He did. He came with.”




Source by Phil Linklater

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