Motivational Quotes – Do they really work?


Every person using different ways to motivate themselves. Some people use affirmations, some nations use visualization techniques, using some inspirational books and of peoples read motivational life quotes to motivate themselves.

But motivational quotes really work? Do they really help? Yes, they do help. With my experience, I can say that they actually work. They can get you motivated to start something awesome you will not be able to do otherwise.

I still remember the days when I used to work in a small company in the accounts department. I was getting a salary at INR 8000. It was the worst job I’ve ever done. I was interested in starting your own web development my business but my fear of failure stopped me from taking action.

I was afraid what would happen if I failed. I have not the courage to leave my Nine to five job and start my own business. But then one day, I come across a great motivational quotes while browsing. The quote was something like this.

One who fears failure limits their activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligent start again. — Henry Ford

This quote has changed my life forever. When I read this quote for the first time, I realized that I limit my activities. I wasted my life just because of fear of failure. This quote is shaken me to the core. This quotation motivated me to take action.

And I took action. I resigned from my job and started his own web development company mine. Today, after two years of leaving my job, I’m doing great in my business. I earning good amount of money I can never imagine in my work. And all credit goes to the motivational quote that has motivated me to take action toward my goals. I would not be able to start my own business whenever i come across this great quote.

So yes, motivational quotes function effectively. They increase your interest and remind you of your goals and aspiration. They help you to eliminate self-destructive and negative thoughts from your mind, which in turn makes you the person you always wanted to be.


Source by Manish Kapoor

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