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Appreciation, reward, recognition, respect and love, everybody needs this in life. They are the heart, soul and life of humans. Is anyone among readers, who can say with certainty that these things are materialistic and they can live and survive without these parts? We need appreciation, we respect and we have seen some really, many people can go to any extent to get noticed; get appreciated and get respected. Hosting parties and functions is one such common and mostly used method to show-off to people, get noticed and appreciated.

Ladies are known to use all possible ways, tricks and tantrums to get by, especially those when they buy new dresses and jewelry, to ensure that they get noticed and appreciated. There are many stories revolve around the various villages that show such despair among women and one such story talks about a woman who set her house on fire to show her a diamond ring to people.

It is not that men do not pay attention and they do not make such tantrums or dramas. When they buy a new bike, new car, new house, even a new shirt … they make sure that people take them and appreciate them.

The same applies to respect. Most of the time, and in most places, it is the power of respect. Military and businesses of Old Economy are examples of such “forced extent”. Thanks to our urge to copy Western culture and New Economy companies that now people can handle their senior by first name.

I am not writing this write-up to the case and what people do in their private life, if their behavior is good and acceptable or not. Neither I am trying to compare males and females seeking more attention. I am very much focused and will be discussing such things in the workplace and the role of HR.

The importance of understanding and respect

Gratitude is connected to a incentives. We all know a few words of appreciation can go a long way to encouraging person. Similarly, respect associated with self-pride, more knowledge and experience in business, family and team. But, it is necessary to ask people to thank you and respect you? Do you think that respect or appreciation you will get by asking for it will be true and authentic? Why not earn respect deserves appreciation and face the truth? Let your work; let your personality and not your position to earn respect for you. It reminds me of one of the conversations from one of the famous Hindi Movie, (Kabhi Khushi, Kabhi Gam), “Paisa Har koi Kama Leta hai, Izzat Kamana Har Kissi Ke Bas Ki Baat Nahi” (Anyone can earn money while earning respect it is much harder).

I’ve seen people at work, blunt and straight forward to ask for appreciation. They ask their customers, colleagues and subordinates to write appreciatory mail to their bosses and older. The second, which are a bit shy and intelligent, they continue to remind you of the good things they have done; about their achievements; about how they have helped you until you acknowledge it and appreciate it.


Respect can be classified into two – Respect for the position and for the person. I can have a lot of respect for someone who is younger to me and have achieved a lot and is good in his life; man with high integrity and credibility. I could not observe very senior or older person for his arrogance, ignorance and self.

say, it is a person who is a director of the company and he has been placed on the record just for the fact that his father’s debts. He does not know much about the company, have no leadership, unlike the father, he is not visionary; I do not think “workers” His will be able to give him genuine respect. They could be respected position but not a person.

is our community, where we have been taught to respect elders experience and age.

Does not matter if their experience is worth learning from, or they just piled up many years of experience.

Does not matter if their knowledge is still relevant or have become obsolete.

Does not matter if they have self and pride and they have dropped out of school … way back.

In the army, an experienced solider, who have 30 years of experience and has faced two wars are expected to respect and obey older than the young officer of his, who is fighting the first war and is not even aware of border areas.

Respect, should come from the bottom of your heart and should not be just a gesture or word of mouth.


The Bhagwat Gita (one of the most sublime of the scriptures world), it says, “Karam Kiye Well Phal ki Eechi Mat Kar Aie Insaan; jeeisa Karam Karega Weiss Phal deega Bhagwaan” ( work is worship. Do your work sincerely and do not bother about the reward). We all know that proper appreciation of encouragement but the choice of gratitude is also important. Let me explain. During the year you have been assigned to 12 projects and you did very well in each project. You have exceeded expectations and in the process, also benchmark their own performance. You precedent for others to emulate.

boss appreciated you, after each assignment by sending you mail appreciatory, marking copies to all team members. He also announced some incidental bonus for you.

Or, you want to get a lot of appreciation in assessing the persistence, combined with exponentially high growth, with a presentation; The best employee award (mention of the importance and success in front of all workers) with vacation packages. Each one of these will keep you motivated for a long time?

In gratitude, for it to have longevity and efficiency, time appreciation; way of gratitude; platform of gratitude and he who appreciates you are equally important.

You have done a great job; you are happy at work; you are feeling happy … It is good but could be your work is not “exceptional” to get any appreciation; could be that it is not as per the established guidelines; may be you a lot of time or your boss must give you many ways to help you … in this case you will not get any appreciation.

You have achieved something big; you are the seven heavens; you are happy; you want to share your achievements with others … okay. Here you go. But you can ask people to take achievement and thank you for it. I do not think so. For example, I appeared on TV, are some of the channel for a few good things I did in my life or work. I am excited. In the interview, I sat next to Karan Thape. And what? I should not expect others to appreciate my achievements or recognition. I should not “ask” them to acknowledge and thank me. Should I?

The role of HR

HR people are expected to be generous with their appreciation, while respecting other work, especially the young and fresher. In case fresher and employees of other departments, the chain should be like …

Recognizing strive

Thank conclusion or complete the task

celebrate exceptional performance

in the case of HR Professionals and other senior chain should be like …

confirm the result or complete a task.

Thank outstanding achievements

and welcome, such as special exhibitions are repeated again and again over a period of time.

Regarding dignity, in Community … it is advisable to leave the culture and value system of the company but in civilian life that you can choose as you want to respect who you do not want to respect.


asking for gratitude or respect draws power status. You will be like a beggar on the bank of Ganga at Sangam in Uttar Pradesh, the begging for money, if you do not give, it starts with you and irritate you and if you still do not give, and then they judge any ill -wish for you. So, deserves appreciation and respect your work.

These are some of the thoughts and beliefs that I thought of sharing with you. You may agree or disagree. The choice is still yours if you like to ask or earn.

Looking forward to your comments and reactions



Source by Sanjeev Himachali

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