Basement People against Balcony People


We all have people in our lives that either inspire us or bring us down. I call them that bring us down the basement people and I call those who come from the balcony people.

Balcony people win in your accomplishments, they are your cheerleaders, ones that will inspire you and bring you to new heights. These are the people I choose to surround myself with. You can take them out fairly quickly – to be around a person a few times and you should have them mounted with their conversation. Balcony people will find the positive in even the not so good situation – they will see the light, even in the dark.

Then there is the basement people – these are the ones that will complain, can not see the good in anything and seems to want to bring you down with them. They will find a reason to complain and find everything wrong with the situation. They exude negativity and will not be happy until they move negative ideas and energy to someone else. Bottom line – they will drain you and you will feel tired after going their presence. Sometimes you’ll even feel as if something hit you. They are the joy busters.

The good news is that we have chosen to be around these types of people or not. So ask yourself, I want to be around people balcony and then lift me up or I want to be around people basement and go to the dark abyss of negativity with them. Now ask yourself what kind of person am I? I balconies person – singing, dancing on the platform of life or am I a cellar man coming from the other and steal them and last but not least their own unhappy? It’s time to go out dancing and singing songs of joy!

the potential of today excite us!


Source by Nancy Shields

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